Cheat Meal 101: Part II

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In our last piece regarding the cheat meal and questions regarding the cheat, we talked about the psychological de-load. I you have not been able to read that, click here for a review .

In part II we would like to review how a structured cheat meal helps your metabolism.… Read More

Cheat Meal 101: Part 1

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Hi Friends……..


We  get a lot of questions about cheat meals/Free Food and we would like to give some of the reasoning behind why we have people use them.

The allure of the cheat meal is obvious: you get to eat stuff that’s otherwise off-limits and extremely delicious.… Read More

How To Read Food Labels

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Look for:

  • Whole foods
  • No more than 5 ingredients
  • Food that is close to its original form as possible
  • Organic or local if possible
  • Minimal or no packaging



  • Added sugars
  • Other sweeteners
  • Hydrogenated and fractionated oils such as corn or palm oil (source of trans fat)
  • Additives and preservatives
  • Artificial colors (FD&C Blue #1)
  • Ingredients you don’t recognize
  • More than 5 ingredients


Watch out for:

  • “Syrup” – corn syrup, brown rice syrup, agave syrup, etc.
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Holiday Parties vs Exercise: Who wins?

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You are What You Eat: You Can’t Out Exercise a Bad Diet

Ever heard someone give themselves permission to indulge their sweet tooth just because they just had a great workout? It’s a common excuse. Many people believe that because they exercise, they’re in the black as far as their calorie input/output.… Read More

Holiday Survival Guide: How to get through the holidays with no regrets.

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Let’s face it: it is hard to stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan during the holidays. Everywhere we turn there are tempting foods and drinks—from treats at office parties to our own traditional family favorites. When you add in a busy schedule filled with shopping and get-togethers that make it tough to squeeze in exercise, you have a recipe for disaster as far as our scales are concerned.… Read More