1. Pasquale Anderson- Trainer

      Coral Springs, FL Seton Hall- M.A Int'l Relations/Diplomacy University of Tampa- B.A. Psychology NCSF Certified Personal Trainer Precision Nutrition Level 1 Trigger Point MCT- Level 2 Pre/Post Natal Certified Training Specialty: Strength and Conditioning Athlete Performance Overall Health/Wel…Read More


    Get ready for the 2nd Annual New Year New You Team Challenge!   Join your fellow Cypress friends in this fun, 6 week challenge of getting in shape, forming healthy habits and FEELING BETTER! Tuesday, Jan 19  Kick Off Workshop  7:00pm at Cypress Here you'll learn all the details about the progra…Read More

  3. Accelerate Health and WEIGHT Loss Regardless Of Your Age

        15 - 25 years Old: The body is very youthful, resilient, and has not experienced pain from previous injuries.  Risk tolerance is higher.  Carbohydrate tolerance is higher and should be kept in check when looking to get super lean.  Keep the risky exercises in check and stay basic.  Basic w…Read More

  4. Sleep Quiz!

    Many of you have said that you are not sure if you have a sleep problem. Take our quick quiz and find out if you might need to fix your sleep.   Sleep Evaluation Can you say yes to any of the following? * Do you have trouble falling asleep? * Do you have difficulty waking up? * Do you get less than…Read More