15 – 25 years Old:

The body is very youthful, resilient, and has not experienced pain from previous injuries.  Risk tolerance is higher.  Carbohydrate tolerance is higher and should be kept in check when looking to get super lean.  Keep the risky exercises in check and stay basic.  Basic wins every time.  This is the era for body design.


25 – 35 Years Old.


The body is extremely capable and muscle is easiest to grow.  As you get closer to 35 years old, we will look towards joint stability, core strength and developing the skills you will need later on in life.  You are going to be training your metabolism for the next 15 years.  Develop good habits and men, when you hit 35, you can’t exercise like you are 25.  So stop!

Looking to get lean, check this INFOGRAPHIC {click on image to enlarge} detailing WHAT IT TAKES to reach certain body fat goals.

35 – 50 Years Old.

Physical endurance, fast twitch muscle fiber and YOUTHFUL AGING become the priorities.  Making sure we start changing priorities to the “inside” of your body becomes paramount.  35 years of body abuse will take its toll.  Posture restoration from the consequences of years of prolonged sitting, standing, or repetitive syndrome will come to the forefront.   Counter-acting aging becomes the center piece to maintain and improve the quality of your life, and is more of a factor than ever.  Your metabolism is slowing and sitting back to a glass or two of wine every night, even when you eat healthy will start to show.  Sorry!   Those fruits and vegetables that Jack Lalane preached for years are more important than ever.  Eat up!


50 – 65 Years Old.

This is the era that is going to require you to build strength.  Females, it is now time to accept that becoming stronger is going to prolong your life.  We need to pass this knowledge down to those who are younger.   As we age, we loose the ability of our fast twitch muscle fibers.  We need these to dance, walk, play and enjoy life.  Your metabolism is slowing, hormone changes are the norm for both genders and anti-aging exercises (think strong) , nutrition and MINDSET become the focal points of life, rather than career and education.  This is the moment when you give back to others.  Learn the health, life lessons and pass them on.  The dumbbells and barbells that your coaches told you were so important for all those years, really are.   Getting this era right will set you up for your GOLDEN years.



Body, figure, BALANCE, pain elimination.  Time to “Tune Up” your body, activate as much muscle as possible and take your body out of the control zone, so you can move and be happy like a kid again.  If you don’t move, you will find your ability to get around greatly diminished.