1. Cheat Meal 101: Part II

    In our last piece regarding the cheat meal and questions regarding the cheat, we talked about the psychological de-load. I you have not been able to read that, click here for a review . In part II we would like to review how a structured cheat meal helps your metabolism. Why Cheat Part II: The Metab…Read More

  2. Cheat Meal 101: Part 1

      Hi Friends........   We  get a lot of questions about cheat meals/Free Food and we would like to give some of the reasoning behind why we have people use them. The allure of the cheat meal is obvious: you get to eat stuff that’s otherwise off-limits and extremely delicious. You get t…Read More

  3. How to Self Manage Energy – Hunger – Cravings (HEC)

      HEC is a very individual thing, so this is an area where you will need to evaluate your need to follow exact rules.  These are the exact step that we like to use when we make small changes.  We suggest that you follow this structure exactly at first. But then, as you get the hang of masteri…Read More

  4. How To Read Food Labels

    HOW TO READ FOOD LABELS   THE BASICS Look for: Whole foods No more than 5 ingredients Food that is close to its original form as possible Organic or local if possible Minimal or no packaging   Avoid: Added sugars Other sweeteners Hydrogenated and fractionated oils such as corn or palm oil …Read More

  5. NFL Great Troy Aikman’s Workout to End Back Pain

    After a career spent training and competing through the pain, the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback got to the core of the problem. This article appears in the wall street journal.  Click here for its full print version. By Jen Murphy Updated Nov. 21, 2016 9:37 a.m. ET When Troy Aikman retired from…Read More

  6. 3 Brain Exercises For Finding Joy This Holiday Season

      Has the holiday hustle and bustle got you miserable?  One of the leaders from Google wrote about, Joy On Demand and passes some of their mental exercises to you.   http://qz.com/818998/googles-former-happiness-guru-developed-a-three-second-brain-exercise-for-finding-joy/…Read More

  7. Holiday Parties vs Exercise: Who wins?

    You are What You Eat: You Can’t Out Exercise a Bad Diet Ever heard someone give themselves permission to indulge their sweet tooth just because they just had a great workout? It’s a common excuse. Many people believe that because they exercise, they’re in the black as far as their calorie inpu…Read More

  8. 5 Steps to stop falling off the wagon

    Have you kept a slight end of the summer weight gain? Have you told yourself over and over again that you will start being “good” tomorrow? Do you have a friend you have been asking to stay committed with and start anew?   If so, you are not alone. The start of FALL is a very easy time to pack …Read More