“Nourished & Grounded”

A 6-Week Healthy Mind & Body Transformation Workshop

Hosted by our partner in all things “nutrition”   

Liz Greenlaw , INHC AADP

Key Dates:

Tuesday, Oct. 3

Kick-Off & Introduction to the Program

7 p.m.

Tuesday Evenings

Oct. 10 – Nov. 14

6 Weekly Group Seminars

(see topics below)

7 p.m.

Tuesday, Nov 21

Celebration Party

7 p.m.


$297 per member

$347 non-member

Workshop Outline:

  1.  Healing Through Food
  2.  Healthy Attitude Shift:  Mindset over Macronutrients
  3.  Eating with the Seasons
  4.  Debunking Diet & Weight Loss Myths
  5.  Emotional Cleansing & Transformation
  6.  Strategies to Sustain Natural Dietary & Lifestyle Changes

About Liz Greenlaw:

Liz is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Wellness Consultant.  She focuses on teaching people the importance of self-care and proper nutrition through a bio-individual approach: the idea that there is not only one style of eating, exercising, or living that’s right for everyone. Instead of a “cookie-cutter” approach, Liz’s one-on-one and group coaching sessions are personalized in a way that help clients find the best foods and routines that fit their unique body types and lifestyles.

Group and one-on-one consultations will be available for those seeking help in optimizing their nutrition.

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