“Commit to Fit”

Runs 6 Weeks:  Program Dates: 1/22-3/6

Start the New Year with this fitness and wellness program designed to

transform your body and enhance your life!

Anyone can join, so bring a friend!

Hosted by our partner in all things “nutrition”   

Liz Greenlaw , INHC AADP

Key Dates:

1/18- Kick off event & Information Session

Weekly Talks: Mondays 7 p.m.-8p.m. (Cypress Lounge)

Week 1 Talk: Fat Burning 101

Week 2 Talk: Sugar- The Frienemy

Week 3 Talk: Gut Health

Week 4 Talk: Intermittent Fasting

Week 5 Talk: Sleeping for Fat Burn

Week 6 Talk: Tips for Maintenance!

Early bird pricing ends 1/12!

Member: $79

Non-members: $179