Here is what clients are saying about Cypress:

Cypress has changed my life!!…I ABSOLUTELY love EVERYTHING about it!…The staff and trainers are truly genuine. This Fitness center is very unique in that they care!..I will always be a loyal fan!!..The trainers at Cypress have changed my life!..Thank you for ALL YOU DO!!!..XOXOXOXOXO

Sara M.

My Cypress Fitness journey began with one of the challenges the group there puts on for their clients every new year- this particular challenge was the “New Year New You” challenge in January 2016. I was not a member at the time, but buying into the challenge allowed me to have full access to their facilities and group training classes throughout the duration of the competition. I was on a team of five, and we had 6 weeks to transform into the “new” versions of ourselves; with the guidance from our coach through group/individual training as well as diet plans/recipes.

I was in a unique position at the start of the competition, I had broken in my neck in what could have been a fatal accident a year prior to joining the challenge. It was my first exposure to exercise outside of physical therapy, and I had an unfathomable amount of room for improvement in my health/fitness after spending the last year atrophying during my recovery. I had gained a lot of weight, and lost almost all my strength and muscle definition. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to compete against the other teams, but I promised myself I was going to give it my best effort.

The encouragement I received along the way from the staff at Cypress, my teammates, and the other teams/patrons at the gym strengthened my resolve to pour all my effort into the challenge. Myself and my team worked extremely hard in those 6 weeks, and the competition was STIFF. We didn’t know exactly where we stood, stacked up against the other teams, but we knew our results meant we had to at least be in the running.

Weigh in day came and everyone had shed weight, gained muscle, and decreased their body fat percentage- it was an awesome experience! When the time came for the results and winners to be announced, everyone was buzzing with excitement. I think this was because no matter what the results showed, everyone who had participated and bought into the challenge truly did walk away a winner. The anticipation was palpable. It was one of the best moments I’ve had post surgery to this day- when the trainers announced that our team had won by a very narrow margin- and on top of that I was awarded the “Biggest Loser” among the under 50 female competitors.

That experience was more than enough for me to be sold on joining Cypress Fitness. Since then I have been a member, and workout at the gym all the time. The staff and the patrons of Cypress are like family, the environment there is so friendly, warm, welcoming, and encouraging… making working out there so much more enjoyable than any other gym I have belonged to in the past. You really cannot put a price on your health, and having an environment like the one at Cypress makes working out something I look forward to everyday (… well, ALMOST every day anyways).

I would recommend Cypress to anyone, I work out with people from all different walks of life, all different ages and levels of fitness… and even in group sessions the trainers find a way to cater to the individual. I wasn’t sure if I would ever be in tip top shape again after breaking my neck and having spinal surgery, but I can proudly say that with the help of Cypress Fitness I have made huge strides towards recovery, and a fit and healthy lifestyle.””

Val G.


    • “”At 68 years old, I’m not a gym rat. But I am a serious golfer. So when I decided to up my game a year ago, at golf instructor’s suggestion I went hunting for a golf-oriented trainer. I web surfed and found Jimmy Harshbarger at Cypress Fitness. I gave him a copy of a report a sports physiologist had done a few years prior, and we set about improving my fitness in ways relevant to the golf swing.

Jimmy is a Titleist certified performance instructor. He also has a pretty good swing. A friend of mine warmed up next to him on the practice range before we played in a pro-am charity event, not knowing how Jimmy was, and said to me on the tee that he thought Jimmy was one of the professionals rather than my guest!

We have spent an hour three days a week for the past year working on strengthening muscles that matter to golf, and becoming more mobile and flexible. Not bench presses or bicep curls, or endurance or cardio training. It has been about swing speed, stability and balance.

It has been a pleasure working with Jimmy. He’s been critical of “form” at appropriate times; complimentary of results and technique when warranted; fun to chat with; and careful make sure that I don’t try to more weight or do more repetitions than my body can safely tolerate. Jimmy has accommodated schedule changes, and taken time to provide me with routines that I can do when I have had to be out of town.

And yes – it has worked. Probably to the tune of 10% greater distance with every club. So if you’re thinking about improving your game without buying new clubs, go see Jimmy.””

Joel K.


    • “”Before I joined Cypress Fitness, I had gone years without a steady workout routine. I was hooked as soon as I started attending Jimmy’s noon classes. Jimmy and the other trainers are always coming up with fun, challenging workout plans. The classes are small, and everyone is friendly and welcoming. Everyday I look forward to seeing people I know in class, and challenging my strength, endurance, and flexibility in new ways. I would highly recommend Cypress Fitness. It is a great place to take control of your health, and make some friends at the same time.””



“”I began working with Jimmy as a very sick person unable to walk far or balance well, hoping to make it to retirement. After a few years of progressive and safe workouts, followed by precisely peaking training programs, all designed, monitored, and conducted by Jimmy, I now hold five world records in powerlifting, have walked a half-marathon, and have not had to increase medications for my progressive chronic diseases. My physicians are happy; I am happy. I recommend Jimmy’s services without caveat.””



    • “”I started training at Cypress in January of 2014. The overall experience has been life changing for me. The staff at Cypress, particularly my personal trainer, Jim Harshbarger, have helped me to achieve fitness and lifestyle goals that I never would have been able to accomplish on my own, especially in my fifties. I went from being overweight and fatigued, to fit and energetic. I have really experienced a remarkable transformation over the past several years at Cypress, one that has re-awakened a tremendous enthusiasm for life.

Jim Harshbarger’s approach to fitness is methodical and precise. His training model is exacting and carefully tailored to the individual. What is truly remarkable are his instincts, and his particular ability to bring out the best in each of his clients. Over the course of four years, he continues to challenge me and make me stronger and fitter in measurable ways, all while keeping it fun and exciting.

The group classes at Cypress are also challenging and fun. The entire staff of awesome trainers offer different workouts each day, keeping us inspired and motivated.

Cypress is truly an awesome place and I am forever indebted to the entire community of staff and clients for improving the quality of my life, and for keeping me motivated to achieve my goals.

David D.


    • “”I had worked out regularly at gyms for several decades before joining Cypress Fitness, and I have a healthy diet so I managed to stay in pretty decent shape, but my workouts did not have a lot of variety and basically consisted of weights (mostly machines) and 30-minute steady state cardio with occasional high intensity intervals when I felt inspired. I had a desk job and had never been coached on weightlifting technique, so I would develop minor injuries, aches and pains, and my workouts were not very exciting.

When I started 1 on 1 training and team training at Cypress, I realized that there was a lot more to maintaining a healthy body than what I was doing. Cypress’ philosophy is to coach functional training, meaning an exercise program that will help carry you through your day feeling good and accomplishing the tasks you want to do in a way that keeps your body healthy. I now have much better mobility and flexibility, and my core, which is the key to real strength (not bench presses and biceps curls) is so much stronger.

I feel great when I get up in the morning and I feel younger than I did 10 years ago. My workouts are no longer boring either. The variety of exercises and equipment that Cypress trainers have and use is amazing; I learn a new exercise, or variation virtually every time I work out with my trainer, and the trainers are great at stressing proper technique. The team classes are great motivators, both to showing up at the gym, and to participate with and keep up with friends in the class. It can be hard work but you get out of it what you put into it, and it definitely pays off. I am a very satisfied customer and highly recommend Cypress Fitness.””